Product Spotlight - New CSC Shop Tees 2022!

by Dan Bunn
Hot off the back of our iconic Snoopy reissues, we've got a fresh load of tees to improve your quality of life featuring new designs from some of our extremely talented mates.
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Stop what you're doing, the new CSC shop tees have just gone live and this drop is a straight up BARN BURNER! We've teamed up with some of South Wales finest artists to bring you one of our most stacked collections yet. You'll probably recognise some of the designs from our recent ads and stickers, but now you can rep your favourite even harder with our all new tees. You better move fast if you don't want to miss out though; when they're gone, they're gone.

CSC 'Jaggy' T-Shirt (Flo Blue) - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

First up, the CSC 'Jaggy' tee features an all-new CSC logo. Designed by our good mate Dan Lazenby, the logo first appeared in our 'Support Your Local' ad from Thrasher #499 which featured all the CSC family outside our new gaff on Church Street which Dan put together for us. This tastefully simple design comes in three equally tasteful colourways: Black, Heather Grey, and a lovely, pastel Flo Blue.

CSC 'Waggy' T-Shirt (White) - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

Alongside Dan's new logo, of course we've also got some fresh bangers from world renowned artist, Nat Jones. Nat's come through with several new designs for this drop, both of which have featured as double-page adverts in The Skateboarder's Companion, as well as recently being available as stickers. Both the tees come in a range of colourways with classic Black and White variants for the Plug tee, and Black, White, and Flo Blue for the Waggy tee.

Lloyd Houston Skateboarder's Companion CSC Advert, art by Nat Jones - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

The Waggy design features a cartoon dog character with bulging eyes that is definitely not Scooby Doo, whose wagging tail forms our classic CSC Mod logo. Not really sure what's making the dogs eyes bulge like that but he seems pretty infatuated. Maybe he just saw PJ push. The graphic first appeared alongside a picture of Lloyd doing a hectic boardslide yank in Skateboarder's Companion, so now you can wear a piece of history. 

CSC 'Plug' T-Shirt (Black) - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

Meanwhile, the Plug logo features an anthropomorphised electrical plug surrounded by a CSC Mod logo made from electrical cable. Get it? Because we're the plug? The graphic featured in the joint ad of PJ and Ben doing mirrored tricks on the Hayes electrical box in Skateboarder's Companion, so if you buy this tee you can show your love for two of your favourite skaters for the price of one. Pretty sweet deal, right?

PJ and Ben Rouse CSC Advert in Skateboarder's Companion, art by Nat Jones - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

We've also got some new tees with artwork from Wales' most controversial man: Lee 'Beef' Bennett. The 'Universe' tee features Beef's iconic drawing of Tom Jones squaring up at bit surrounded by wolves in speedshades while a dragon carries off a sheep in the background. Yeah there's a lot to unpack. We first ran this as an ad in Thrasher so if you think you're confused by it, just imagine how those poor Americans feel. These aren't available yet due to a slight error though so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for them next week.

CSC Universe T-Shirt (Black) - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

To top it all off, we've got both the 'Jaggy' and 'Waggy' tees in kids sizes and a range of colours! We've been slacking on the kids clothing for a while now but with all the young legends rolling around we had to stock up on some fresh bangers for the youth.

That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to browse the full range of Cardiff Skateboard Club clothing and buy now from CSC! Or, find out more about the latest product on the CSC Blog. Safe.

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