Product Spotlight - National Skateboard Co Q4 2021

by Dan Bunn

The latest drop from the UK's very own National Skateboard Co has just hit our shelves with two distinct graphic series, and all-new Tommy May pro skateboard decks. Show some love for these UK legends.

Joe Gavin artwork for National skateboard co

One of the standout pieces from National Skateboard Co's fourth quarterly drop of 2021 has got to be the incredible photographic series by French skater and photographer, Marius Chanut. Marius is a French film photographer - who you may recognise from various Parisian skate clips, including the Mômes Paris or Blobys' videos - where he often appears alongside various other legends of the French variety. Although Marius predominantly specialises in black-and-white photography, he branches out into the use of colour in this series for National Skateboard Co, with some vibrant greens, reds, and blues helping to create a satisfying contrast with some of the duller tones.

National Skate Co Tommy May 'Marius' 8.125" Deck at Cardiff Skateboard Club

Likewise, due to residing in Paris, Marius' work often explores the daily life of the city with an emphasis on those inhabiting it. However for this series, Marius' gaze turns towards the natural with various shots of different flora and fauna helping portray a different side of daily life to what he usually captures. Despite this, the series still maintains a sense of the mundane through the animals featured in the photographs - mainly dogs and seagulls - which, for many, are symbols of daily life.

National Skateboard Co Gregoire Cuadrado Marius deck at Cardiff Skateboard Club

Marius Chanut's photo series features two different styles of graphic: 'full' graphics, where one photo takes up the whole graphic; and 'split' graphics, where the graphic features a split between two photos. Josh Young and Gregoire Cuadrado both receive full graphics, with Josh's featuring a dog running behind a chain-link fence, and Gregoire's featuring an urban landscape with seagulls flying by. We're big fans of both graphics, but Josh's takes the cake for me with the bangin' contrast between the green tones and orange text.

National Skateboard Co Josh Young Marius deck at Cardiff Skateboard Club

For the split graphics: Tommy May's pro skateboard deck features a seagull in flight on one half, and a mix of bright red and yellow hues on the other; while Michał Juraś' deck features a split between frosty pines and a rippling ocean. Love the contrast in both of these graphics, but Michał's graphic in particular perfectly captures these frosty winter months.

National Skateboard Co Michal Juras Marius deck at Cardiff Skateboard Club

Alongside Marius Chanut's series, the collection includes a second series of decks featuring artwork by the Manc of many talents, Joe Gavin. Joe comes through with some vibrant shapes, colours, and textures that coincide with the National logo to make a simply beautiful graphic. These bad boys are perfect for fans of bright colours and artistically-driven graphics, or they'd be a great addition to any board wall. We're big fans of Joe and everything he does, and it's sick to see him showing off even more of his seemingly limitless talents.

National Skateboard Co Joe Gavin artwork deck at Cardiff Skateboard Club

The collection also includes the new pro skateboard deck for National's newest pro, Tommy May, with a special one-off graphic dedicated to him featuring a reimagining of the Frank Skateboards logo - the company Tommy used to skate for - done by legendary artist, Rob Mathieson. The design sees Frank's iconic logo being given the Tommy May treatment, complete with signature bucket hat and ginger hair, and is available as a skateboard deck or 6-panel cap.

National Skateboard Co Tommy May pro deck at Cardiff Skateboard Club

That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop now to buy the full collection of National Skateboard Co skateboard decks and clothing. Safe.

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