Product Spotlight - Hockey Skateboards Summer '24

By Dan Bunn


Check out the latest batch of Hockey Skateboards decks and tees, featuring a load of new pro models for all your faves and an all-new shaped deck for Kevin Rodrigues.

Hockey might not be the first brand you think of when it comes to summer vibes but they've still come through with an absolute belter of a collection, because goths have still got to make it through summer somehow. The new Hockey Skateboards Summer '24 collection stays true to their typical edgy style with a range of dark and gloomy decks and T-shirts alongside a unique new shaped deck for the one and only Kevin Rodrigues.


Kicking things off with a fresh selection of new decks, the Hockey Skateboards Summer '24 drop features a range of new graphics for some of your favourite pros alongside a new signature shaped deck for Kevin Rodrigues.

Switching things up with their first ever custom shape, the Hockey 'Kevin Rodrigues Aparacio' Deck features a suitably spooky graphic with a load of ghostly faces in the new 9.5" Kevin Rodrigues Belzinz shape.

Despite K-Rod's elusive nature, you may have seen him getting up to all his usual wizardry on this weird and wonderful shape recently so it's clear that the Belzinz deck can still deal some serious damage in the streets. 

If you're looking for something a little bit different to help spice up your skating then the Hockey Belzinz deck is the one for you!

Hockey Kevin Rodrigues Aparacio Belzinz Deck

But don't worry if shaped decks aren't your cup of tea, Hockey Skateboards have also kept it OG with a range of classic popsicle decks for all your favourite pros, including John Fitzgerald, Andrew Allen and Ben Kadow.

From the horror film aesthetic of the Ben Kadow Daydream deck to the apocalyptic landscape of the John Fitzgerald Tier One deck, Hockey Skateboards always deliver some of the most powerful visuals in the game and this drop is no exception.

Alternatively, we've also got the new Hockey Skateboards 'Andrew Allen' Screen Time' deck which features a more minimalist design with a tasteful woodstain and small central graphic, offering a cutting critique of modern media consumption - because we all know someone who watches way too many reels.

Sci-Fi Fantasy American Paintings Deck with artist Chad Murray


If you're a fan of these new Hockey Skateboards decks then you're in luck as their latest collection also features several of those striking deck graphics in T-shirt format.

For the Andrew Allen fans, we've got the new Hockey Skateboards 'Screen Time' T-shirt in a lovely Light Blue colourway, which makes a nice change from their usual darker offerings, with a large chest print of the deck's trippy, 3D-effect 'Screen Time' graphic.

Alongside the 'Screen Time' Tee, the Hockey Skateboards Summer '24 collection also features the new 'Daydream' T-shirt which stays true to their emo vibes with a Black colourway and old-school horror film graphic.

Hockey Daydream T-shirt (Black)
That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to browse the full range of Hockey Skateboards and clothing at CSC. Or, find out more about the latest skate product on the CSC Blog. Safe.