Product Spotlight - Chocolate Skateboards Summer '24

By Dan Bunn


From pixel art to ancient Mexican boats, Chocolate Skateboards bring an incredible depth of flavour with their latest selection of decks for Summer '24.

Jordan Trahan Kicklfip, photo by Taylor Ballard
Jordan Trahan kickflip at Pier 7, shot by Taylor Ballard.

Coming in hot with a fresh batch of decks for Summer '24, Chocolate Skateboards' latest drop features a wide range of new graphics for all your favourite pros, from triple OGs like Vincent Alvarez and Kenny Anderson to new blood like Erik Herrera and Carlisle Aikens. Complete with both classic popsicle shapes and symmetrical twin-tips, Chocolate have absolutely smashed it in the graphics department with three tasteful new series, including the 'Pixel City' series with its retro 8-bit artwork, the colourful 'Trajineras' series and a one-off football-inspired deck for Erik Herrera just in time for the Euros.


First up, we've got the new Chocolate Skateboards 'Pixel City' series which brings those old-school video game vibes with its nostalgic 8-bit artwork courtesy of Girl's former art director, Skylar Blum, inspired by his childhood love of the Nintendo Gameboy Advance.

The Chocolate 'Pixel City' series includes a range of pro models for Kenny Anderson, Stevie Perez, Carl Aikens and Erik Herrera with each deck featuring a unique shop inspired by the skater, complete with their own pixel art sprite, and they even all go together to form the whole street.

Each deck in the series comes in a different shape, including the square-tailed G033 shape for Erik Herrera, the classic 8" popsicle G008 for Carl Aikens, an 8.4" version of the G033 for Stevie Perez and the twin-tip G096 shape for Kenny Anderson. But don't worry if all those letters and numbers mean nothing to you, you can find our more about each shape in the Chocolate Skateboards Shape Guide.

Chocolate Pixel City Decks


Alongside the 'Pixel City' series, we've also got the new Chocolate Skateboards 'Trajineras' decks which pay tribute to Mexican culture with their bold, colourful designs based on the iconic Trajinera boats.

With their origins dating all the way back to pre-Hispanic Mexico, trajineras were first used as transportation by the swamp-dwelling inhabitants of what is now Mexico City and have since evolved into the brightly-coloured tourist attractions they are today.

Taking inspiration from these unique aquatic vehicles, the Chocolate Skateboards 'Trajineras' series features new pro models for Jordan Trahan and Vincent Alvarez with graphics based on the distinctive decorations of the trajineras but themed around their respective hometowns of New Orleans and LA.

Chocolate Trajineras Decks


Last but not least, the Chocolate Skateboards Summer '24 collection also features a bangin' one-off pro model for Erik Herrera with an old-school football-inspired graphic that's perfect for getting you in the mood for the Euros - even if Wales didn't qualify.

Keeping with the Mexican theme, the Chocolate Skateboards 'Erik Herrera Cup' Twin-Tip Deck celebrates Mexico's 2-0 victory against the USA in the 1997 U.S. Cup - their first time beating the US on their own soil since 1974 - with its stylish retro graphic that's sure to appeal to any fans of the beautiful game.

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That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to browse the full range of Chocolate Skateboards decks at CSC. Or, find out more about the latest skate product on the CSC Blog. Safe.