New GX1000 Decks


After what feels like a long period of silence from everyone's favourite slope descenders, GX1000 are back and bigger than ever with a wide range of brand new decks.

With the drop featuring two separate series', the 'Pig' series and the 'OG' series, the GX boys have made sure there's a little something for everyone. For the anti-authoritarians out there, the 'Pig' series plays on the various connotations of the word pig and combines everyone's favourite breakfast component with everyone's least favourite institution of systematic oppression. 

Clearly taking inspiration from our iconic 'Pussy and skateboarding' series, the GX crew have seemingly taken a break from terrorising San Francisco's pedestrians, and instead have been rooting through their Nan's attic to find various figurines of lovable farmyard pork producers dressed up as the somewhat less lovable variety of pig. The series features pigs of all shapes, sizes, and police department. On top of this, each deck even comes in a variety of wood stains so you can choose one to match your mood, your outfit, or whatever you feel like.

Fear not though, it's not all political, the 'OG' series is the perfect alternative for those who have yet to develop a hatred of the police - or just don't feel comfortable displaying it loud and proud in public. Each deck in the series features the OG GX1000 logo in a variety of different styles of camouflage, so you can find the perfect deck to match your multi-coloured-camo cargo trousers. This series is guaranteed to make you feel like you've just unlocked a new weapon skin on Modern Warfare after getting 50 headshots.
Click here to check out more GX1000 products available here at CSC while we wait for their new video to come out. Clock's tickin'
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