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Dan Bunn

After several long years of delays, disruptions, and global disasters, Cardiff Skateboard Club has finally emerged from its temporary cocoon a beautiful, sleek, minimalist butterfly.

We've teamed up with our friends from Spit and Sawdust to bring taste, sophistication, and some saggy-ass trou to one of Cardiff's most bustling side streets, Church Street. You can find us next to the Old Arcade pub (you'll probably see us in there from time to time as well), in the brand spanking new 13 Church Street - look out for the iconic blue tiles and sleek '13' logo, as well as our glowing CSC sign courtesy of the legends at Oner.

Downstairs, in Bacareto, you can treat yourself to a refreshing pint of Italian craft beer and some delicious cicheti (basically fancy Italian tapas, what more could you want?) courtesy of the incredibly talented head chef, Grady Atkins and his superstar team. We'd definitely recommend the Lost and Grounded Helles and the 'cured meat and tomato' cicheti, which features tomatoes grown by one of the chefs, for a taste of the Venetian highlife.

Take the stairs up, either from the front door or take the scenic route through Bacareto, to ascend to the ultimate skateboarders clubhouse. Our new home stylishly blends sleek, minimalist design with rustic detailing to create a space that's both stylishly modern, and warm and welcoming. 

Specially designed with all our beloved shop-lurkers in mind, we've built the ultimate skate video viewing area so you can avoid your responsibilities all day in style. Maybe even buy something if you're feeling crazy, but no pressure.

If you ever get bored of watching Johnny Wilson videos, or debating the intricacies of skateboard ethics and theory, you can saunter out onto Bacareto's secluded rooftop terrace to do some work in the sun or enjoy a cheeky larg or three. With food and beer downstairs and everything skate-related upstairs, there really isn't any reason to leave. Except to go skating I guess.

We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who's helped bring the shop to life. Thank you as well to everyone who's come by to say hello, we love you, and to everyone who hasn't: what's stopping you?! Come find us at our new home on Church Street.

Photography by KMB Photography
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