New Death, Landscape & Heroin Decks

by Mike

Took a delivery last week for some fresh wood from Death, Landscape & Heroin. All retailing for £41 with grip! Magic Sticky Hand 2 DVD's also in the house.

Last week was a good week for new stuff. Took a huge delivery of decks from Death, Landscape and Heroin. Shaped decks, popsicles, big boards, little boards. Something for everyone. And they're all only £41, which is pretty mad considering #brexit and all that. And free Mob grip, obv's.

Personal favourites are the Landscape Spots decks. Pretty clean aesthetic and a nod to Damien Hirst.

Magic Sticky Hand 2 is also available to buy now. The DVD includes both Magic Sticky Hand 2 as well as the original Magic Sticky Hand and a ton of bonus features. Only a tenner!


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