New CSC Drunk & Arnie Tees

by Mike

The all new Drunk at Bute & Arnie t'shirts are ready to buy now. CSC; giving the people what they want.

You've all been clucking for these for a while now. And we at CSC believe ourselves to be for the people, and we enjoy giving the people what they want. So we finally pulled our collective fingers out and got the two most sought after pieces of high art beautifully printed onto the highest grade t'shirt known to the world.

The Drunk at Bute tees come in either Slate, Military Green, white shortsleeve or white longsleeve. The Arnie tee is available in a white shortsleeve and longsleeve. All the tees retail for £20, and longsleeves for £25. We're pretty limited on the stock, so don't sleep.

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