Dennis You Dickhead

by Jim O

Didn't think it could get much worse than Ciara last week. But what you know, it definitely could and did. Surely you've seen Daint's video of Cwmbran by now. Luckily the council's never put anything to skate in Bute Park so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ maybe this means that we'll end up with a good summer? Would only be fair right?

New arrivals: oldish-but-new threads from Yardsale, re-up of some Wayward Wheels - and Torsten Frank's filmer wheel, Welcome decks, decks and tees from Hockey for the first time (v. v. v. hyped), and lastly Palace Spring 20 decks, the Tri-Gaine decks are a personal favourite.

Nick Jensen fills us in on his struggles with mental health and skateboarding in his SMiLe Interview for the Ben Raemers Foundation. 

Shane O'Neil in his Extra Bit part showcases some insanely tech tricks in his new signature shoe for Nike SB. Shane devotes this part to the gone but not forgotten Lewis Marnell.

Max Palmer coming in hot with his Year of The Rat section over at Free.

Kendal Toliver with some Muska backpack flex in Street Cooler.

Do yourself a favour and check out the latest Aussie video Razor, if only for THAT nollie flip.

Since Bobby De Keyzer left Habitat theres been loads of speculation as to who his next board sponsor was going to be. Although we all kinda knew he'd end up on Quasi. Check out his welcome part BOB to witness that classic De Kyzer steez.

Raw footage from Milton's insanity carwash kickflip doesn't make it look fun.

A man who picks the right time to wallie, Shin Sanbonji's new part doesn't disappoint.

8 Minutes of lesser seen London spots skated by lesser know London skaters in Endless Blue.


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