There's a Storm a Brewin'

Jim O

Nicky Bastard dropped some offcuts of the UK's most slept on skater Dylan Hughes from that utterly bonkers Today Now part.

Lovenskate put their Don't Worry Gordo full length from yesteryear online for your pleasure. Definitely worth a watch just for Skinny. We've still got some copies of DVD, if you want some extra Loven for your Skate.

Can finally give that instagram skater a name - Hyun Kummer brings the goods in Versace Plug. Here's hoping to more full parts and not just insta clips.

Sour brought us arguably the best video of the year in 2019 with Sour Solution II, The Final Episode of the Sour Files is one of the better raw edits you'll see probably until Sour drop another video.

Damn, Vladivostok looks amazing.

Nike debuts the Official Olympic Uniform™ - call us crazy but it's not as bad as we thought it was gonna be.

Plenty of French VX rave flavour in Coupe Gorge.

Sean Cliver's StrangeLove crew hit up SF for the release of their new Dunk collab. Nice to see that the resurgence of EMB is still going strong into 2020.

Morrissey enthusiast Myles Rushforth's part from Baghead's Funeral full length landed over at Vague. You're probably gonna wanna buy a copy of the DVD here.

Jenkem goes behind the scenes and takes a look in the apartment that 5Boro is run out of, which looks like the same size as our tiny shop. It's not all mansions and private parks in the industry. Their new Apt. 5B edit is gonna be on repeat all week.

Speaking of which, enjoy 8 minutes Steve Marino's raw tapes from NYC's '04/'05 golden era.

Oxford, famous for elite education sites, the dictionary and Tom Penny. Zac Watson's Atmosphere 2 brings you up to date with what's been going on lately. First part from our mate Phil is a killer.

Quartersnacks put OG skatespot insta @macbalife under the grill.

Imagine deciding to start skating at 68, after being diagnosed with cancer. Elaine Shallcross is that person, hoping to manage to master a shuv before her 69th birthday all the while raising money for Breast Cancer research. Follow her on insta @shuvitcancer, and donate some cash at her JustGiving page.


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