Lost & Found

by Jim O

Skateboarding's mostly confined to indoor spaces atm, but we'll all be out in the sun again soon. Until, Spit still have their Friday 10 quid skate, food and drink deal.

Sometimes, it's nice to be reminded of the past and the Lost & Found bits.

New arrivals: old but new Palace, Pass~Port, Quasi, Krooked, and Yardsale decks, Ishod Wair, Jamie Foy and Milton Martinez pro Bronson G3 bearings, dirt cheap Picture wheels, Baghead Crew's latest DVD Funeral, and the all new 6.1 Venture truck.

R.I.P Kurt Hayashi, the man who gave us The Firm's Can't Stop video and filmed with just about everyone. Memorials over at Transworld and Thrasher.

Tyler Bledsoe smashes out more lines than Scarface in Quasi's Magic 5. which is a commemoration to renowned filmer Kurt Hayashi.

Samuel Norgren shows off his uniqueness, quick feet and respect for the vertical dimension in FLUID for Poetic Collective.

Bust Crew hit Pula$ki, features Gilby, Josh Wilson, Dane Barker, Justin Henry and more. Guessing some of it's old judging from that Gilby clip being used in Mother, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Levi's No Drama clip features the likes of Charles Munro, Manny Lopez, Val Bauer, and Ale Cesario, Quentin Boillon and more in the streets of Georgia, filmed by master Frenchmun Romain Batard.

Euro Joslin with tighter trousers Aurelien Giraud turns pro for Plan B. Board coming to a sale rack in Two Seasons near you soon.

Jenkem learn a thing or two about Italian skateboarding with Jacopo Carozzi. Pretty crazy to think the famous Milan station spot was built to hide the platform used to send Jews to Auschwitz. 

Swan Pablo making some great Dylan and Pops shapes for the new Supreme Cons advert

The GOAT treflip gets the Memory Screen treatment and got us like WHOA

Tim O'Connor commentary over Suciu's Verso part is something no one asked for, but we're all eternally grateful for.

Remember this guy? 

Image result for garrett hill coffee gif"

Garrett Hill discusses going viral, two tone trou tre 5050 NBDs, almost having The Darkness music for New Blood, Uncle Luke who invented the wrench, going into medicine and more in his Nine Club.

Pass~Port's sister company Hoddle's part from Kitsch is making us love Australia even more. 

Pontus Alv teases us with new shoe company Last Resort AB. Could this be Europe's answer to HRS? But less dressy and more trainery?


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