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Time to dust off the VX and start filming again. Wash3r is coming.....sometime.

Big Dick Collins' mrs Drew is doing a massive 100miles+ walk this summer to kick cancer ass. Big ups Drew! You can be a legend too by donating to her cause here.

New Arrivals: CSC  Mod Patch pocket tees (made by Drew!), Swales  Sudocreme  drop, Palace Summer 19 decks, Casper's pro Wayward wheels, some jazzy Orbs  Wheels, Ryan Lay pro Welcome deck.

Like Frenchmun's in white vests filmed in portrait in LA? Giddy #10 is 4 u.

Lots of ledge tekkas with Seb Batty and Chris Bradley in Laddo.

Not new, but @nopushlines is your new favourite Insta.

Ricky Geiger coming through with your cutty Philly fix in Vanish. Josh Feist's part is also pretty diesel. Kinda reminds us of a slightly less hench Josh Wilson.

Grayscale from Dickies is basically a Vincent Alvarez part with sprinklings of Tom Knox, Jamie Foy, #jkjhnsn, 2019 Beyblade reigning champ Frankie Villani, Zack Wallin, Tommy Sandoval and big poppa Jake Hayes.

Parisian mandémi Bloby crew get down in Et Vasey.

Stumptown Coffee giving P-Man a run for his money with music-video-cum-skate-video full length. Boserio, Childress, Elissa, and Silas all make delightful appearances. 

20 Minutes of East Coast bangers over 6 years in Quintessense. J-Shanz, Jimmy McDonald, Joeseph Delgado, Neil Herrick and lots, lots more.

Another chilling Brian Delaney part, this time in Berlin.

Jerk it to vintage big boi shoes with Jenkem.

Cobra back on Fallen.

Shawn Powers on sobriety

Freestylin' Tony Hawk, mini ramping Mike Carroll, Rick Howard and more hypeness from the Crailtap camp in Manchild's Corner.

TWS Doco on Daewon you say?

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