BBQ Season


Stay classy like Kev

As we look out the window from CSC HQ at the bright sun glaring off the piss and spice stained Womanby Street, we know what time it is. You know what time it is; BBQ's, beers and Bute Square season. Clear out the moss and re-wax those blocks. Bute Square's back baybee.

Shout out to Skin Phillips for giving the sickest talk and Q&A on his incredible work last Friday. If you made it there, you certainly weren't disappointed. Another shout out to the good lads at Vague whose launch party was class. Big up the strong Dragon contingent who made it over the river.

New arrivals: Chris Jones' pro Thunder truck, Heroin and Krooked decks, Handy Spring 19 clothing, Phil Morgan Friend Ship decks, Yardsale decks, the Lovenskate DVD, New Balance Numeric shoes, all new CSC Bolts  pocket  tees.

Shut the front door, new Atlantic Drift in Athens got us shook and been on non-stop repeat. 

UK NB# heads hit up a load of spots alongside the London Marathon in 26.2, Nicky B filmed some bits too, big ups. But even bigger props to ultra-legend Dykie for smashing the marathon in less than 3 hours. He's also rasing money for Mind Charity, go chuck him a couple of quid.

Jordan Thackery in Lovenskate's Don't Worry Gordo has got some serious floppy floaty tran hammers. 

Alltimers always bring the feel good vibes. Brian Delaney's new part continues the stoke. Watch out for that back tizza.

Justin Drysen is gonna be one to keep and eye on + Venture to make the biggest unexpected come back in 2019.

Orchard crew head to Barca and find some cutty spots. Def not your average trip to Barca edit. 

Best Life Ever is the perfect evolution of the Cky-esque antics, hijinx, foolish stunts....and Antonio Durao?

National bust out the power moves and add Michal Juras to the team.

Jaakko gets bumped up to pro status for Element. Also drops an 8 minute part littered with other Element heads (Beastgate heart emoji) and fucks up the China Banks.

Go pour one out, bomb a hill, take some extra pushes. 

RIP PSplifff

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