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For those who were at Ed's 30th this weekend, I hope your hangovers weren't too bad. Total diesel night right? Re-live his Hologram part that we re-post every year.

Make sure you're at Spit this Wednesday, art-man extraordinaire Jon Horner is gonna be there constructing / sketching / creating a comic strip for Spit's birthday on April 14th. So stick that in the diary too! More info here.

New arrivals: Dustin Henry's debut pro board for Alltimers, Lakai Spring 19 shoes and clothing.

ChrystieNYC's Chapter One vid got us saying FUCK more than a few times. New parts from Aaron Herrington is always welcome. Plus, any video with Joy Division get's two thumbs up. Thrasher got a little accompanying article for it too.

While we're talking about Herrington, SML. dropped a little arty clip of him and Suciu cruising round Manhattan. Might not get you super stoked to skate, but looks pretty.

And seeing as we're clearly on a NY tip, Uhoh has got all your favourite NYCers and out-of-towners.

Big trou, bigger shoes and tiny boards. The Lordz Now They Give A Fuck About Us retrospective is a truly a golden time in skating. William Phan's mirrored Universitat lines, Bastian when he was full beastmode, and Flo's unfuckwithable Le Dome line, surely this was the most G skating has ever been. 

10 Minutes of raw and b-side stuff from Yardsale.

'Best thing to come out of Morocco since Hash' - Switch Dolphin's Youtube review of Youness Amrani's Comfort Zone part.

100% Sold on Chocolate's new kid Hakeem Ducksworth, just on that name alone. Good job he kills it too.

Nick Garcia and Barney Page do some #lowimpact moves for the Marana Vulc.

Listen to 96 minutes of 96 Quite Bitter Beings while reading this Jenkem interview with Jess Margera.

Poetic Collective skive on the cold Swedish winter and dip to Gran Canaria.

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