Diary Dates - Happy Days

by Mike

 Some big, big news for you, and some dates to stick in your filofax.


It's all kicking off this month, and as always we've got you covered for all your social events.

Decemeber 8th - Prom Queens Christmas Party @ Spit
December 21st - Seven VHSeven premiere @ Ashmore
Decemeber 22nd - CSC Christmas Party @ Kongs Level 2
TBC - CSC Winterwonder Jam @ Spit

New arrivals: Crupié wheels, new Butter clothing drop, Polar Hol 18 clothing, Polar and Quasi decks, Ganj Wax and new January issue of Thrasher.

Nick Bastard gone done did an edit for NB# in Sicily, featuring all his camera wizardary to capture Baines, VMFJ, Charles Munro, Maxi Schaible and Manny Lopez. Big ups mates!

Kyron definitely pulled out all the stops for his Numbers part. Top marks all round. Features some the best guest tricks you'll see this year too. CJ 😍😍

Koston, JB, Touzery, Kyron, and even P-Rod lay it down in Paris. First bit of street P-Rod I've seen in years.

One minute of Sophisticated bangers from Bronze.

Marek Kocak skates how more people should skate. Straight up power with steez. Kinda like Rob Welsh, maybe its all the cargos.

Yonnie and Vincent Alvarez bring the goods and that East Coast flavour in the Theories X Lakai clip, shot by one of the hardest working man in skating. Just image if Josh Stewart got to make the next Crailtap video.

15 Minutes Evan Smith rough cut from Peace. Will this get him SOTY? Who knows.

State add Brian Powderly and Chris Athans to the team. Their joint welcome clip is very visually pleasing, and has lots of downhill SF VX fish lines to keep your post GX anxiety going. Really wish more people brought State shoes, their team and output are completely on point. Looks like people are missing something by not getting involved.

Jamie Foy drops what would be considered a SOTY attempt part, but he won it last year. And ain't no one winning it b2b. That rail at the end has taken a pounding over the past year, if it could speak it would just wimper and beg for no more.

Slap .gif we've been enjoying most this week


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