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Still feeling it from Friday? Yeah, us too.

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Washer II premiere was sick right? Right? I can't remember it, which either means it was sick, or dogshit. Send your answers to the shop written on the back of a tenner please. Bigs ups to Harry Deane and Pirate Man (and Reid for the the pics) for once again putting the effort in and slaving away to create your entertainment. Obv's that not say that the twenty something people featured in the vid haven't put the effort in either. Shout out to everyone who filmed, got a trick, heckled, lent a rollie, brought a beer, left wax at the spot, the list is fucking endless. The vid's dropping on Vague this week, so keep your eyes open for that. Otherwise you can always come watch it in the shop.

Also, this picture is what the worlds been waiting for.

New arrivals: Theobalds Winter 18 beanies and shotta bag, Thrasher December issue, Indy BTG backpack, Bones SPF wheels, Yes Fam deck re-up, Gucci griptape, Handy X CSC sticker pack.

You've definitely seen the new GX1000 video by now. If you haven't, I've heard that you're legally required to drop whatever you're doing and watch it. It's the best snowboard video of our time. PS been waiting years to hear that RBL Posse track in a video, thanks for not letting us down Ryan.

Indy finally did a tour video with the Indy riders you want to see. Wes, #jkjhnsn, T Funk, Evan, Milton, Dolan, and more. Wish there was some Bobby though, jus sayin.

Daewon and T-Puds have started up whats been heralded to be the worst name for a company, Thank You Skateboards. The promo video isn't bad though, and it's nice to see that the of the sales are gonna go back into things they believe in. So maybe I'm the idiot.

Chris Wimmer turned pro for Zero - HAMMERTIME.

Butter crew came through strong with the VX UK edit aptly titled, Spoons.

You might have already seen Tom Delion's part from the newest Serious Adult vid, Teddie the other day. The full things up on the internet for you watch now though. Has some classic Canadian Sam footage in it which is always worth its weight in gold.

Sidewalk Magazine alumni Ryan Grey dropped a short and sweet MK centric edit, Middleton Kaynes.

Just in case you've forgotten how go Brian Peacock is, adidas released a new Shanghai edit. Also has the greatest Brazilian to never play footie, Rodrigo in the mix, and the greatest footie player France never had, Lucas Puig.

Sometimes we miss things here which we think you'd like. Sorry about that, but if you haven't seen the Cons X Hopps edit then we suggest you watch it now. Give Steve Brandi's Thrasher interview a read while you're at it.

Enzo turned pro and won the best track in a video of the year award.

Jenkem sat down with Lory Vincent, the woman behind all your favourite skate video soundtracks, and it really puts things into perspective. And now you're asking, just how did Girl get that Talking Heads track?

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