Lose an Hour / Gain an Hour

by Mike

Clocks have changed, say goodbye to the Sun until next year.

Collins goes backside where you wouldn't.

News, news, news....there's not much to report on this week. Apart from if you saw David Byrne the other night that is. Half term sees the return of the Skate Rats at Spit, and this Wednesday sees a special edition of Wednesday Club; Halloween fancy dress and all the other stuff you'd expect to go along with it.

New arrivals: Handy X CSC Crappy Shopper capsule, Indy crews, fresh clip of decks from Girl, and all new CSC custom grip from legend Gripwizard.

Who is Tanner van Vark? Real's newest am is a mind boggler.

Tor Ström comes through with the edit of the week for sure. KBH MIXEN has got all your favourite Copenhagen-ites including Hjalte, Ville Wester, Oski, Hugo Boserup, Polar heads, Darkness, Kyle Wilson and lots more fully wounding it. The soundtrack is on point too. Been waiting years for someone to use Echo Beach.

New shit from the Madness crew. You know that Jakey Big Dick rides for them right?

Mason Silva is anything but peaceful. Westgate also went full Beastgate again for the Element vid. Turbo weapons.

Huf fellas out in SF. Is Dick Rizzo singlehandedly bringing back the bucket hat?  

Alltimers dropped Rough Idea 3, if only Etienne got that noseblunt in Barca eh?

Can DC's resurgence as a legit brand be traced back to Damon Way returning to the helm of the company? Jenkem investigates. Speaking of DC, their new collab with Magenta looks sick, and the Colin Read ad for it is very visually pleasing.

Slap .gif we've been enjoying most this week

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