Think I Cracked a Rib

by Mike

Go Skate Day's coming up, keep Sunday 24th free for good times like these, or this, and this. More info coming soon(ish).

New stuff; Polar Summer 18 clothing, Traffic decks, Lakai x Leon Karssen and Summer shoes, Sunbathers series from Chocolate. BUT, you really want the new sticker packs. Hazza D by T Wolf sticker is particularly on point. Luv u Haswell.

Dial Tone is probably gonna be our new favourite wheel company.

Reckon you could smash eight glasses of Italian red at 10am and then manage to film a load of clips? Cos that's what happened in Sotto Torchio. We've still got copies of the zine put together by Grey and A Brief Glance in the shop, come get a copy.

JWDHarris remixed some footage of Bristolian Francis Peters.

B-Sides of Alltimers out in LA in Rough Idea.

Crotch grabbing with Jenkem.

Gav Coughlan for the Euro Birdhouse team.

How stacked is the Volcom team?

Speedway caught up with Greg Hunt ahead of the release of his Dill book.

Kyle Beachy asks us is skating primitive, or progressive? re: Jason Jessee is a Nazi.

#jkjhnsn prefers VX over HD.

20 Minutes of raw footage of the GX crew getting jiggy with it.

NBD Hammers over the spot where JFK got his brains blown out from Girl.

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