Bank Holiday Blues


If last week was a slow news week, then this week was complete opposite.

Carter by Jess.

By now you've probably seen a few of Leo's Letters. Keep your eyes open and finger on the #leosletters hashtag for more gold from the lens of Leo.


Spit's celebrated their 4th birthday on April 15th. Food, booze, free skating, and lots of laughs. Stick it your calendar.

Nick Bastard's newest segment in his Nocturnup series has Jordan Sharkey, Charlie Munro, Dominguez and Seb Batty getting down in Hong Kong. Black Sheep did a follow up interview with Nick too.

New Vans video is a bit of alright. So many hammers in here it's obscene. Definitely worth putting aside 20 minutes for.

Quartersnacks deliver a masterclass in truck #branding. With artwork from Nat too.

Solo caught up with K-Rod, discussing his bromance with Duffman, being lazy, and leaving Polar for Hockey.

Theobalds have come out with Hysteresis. It's a pretty chilled edit filmed over this (terrible weather) winter.

CJ's interview for Free has finally gone on the website. Very interesting read with some classic Smashley photos.

Spitfire crew went in pretty heavy on the tran down in Equador

You might already have seen the latest special edition of Grey mag with the Cons in Portugal trip. The edit's here now. Maybe grab a copy of the mag when you're next in town too. 

Is too much skate content bad for you? Jenkem investigates

TWS uploaded Behind the Blind Video from their old ON Video series. A lot of history in this one. Boy better know.

Welcome's Daniel Vargas gets kinky and talks all things sexy with Jenkem

It must be 10 years since the first A Happy Medium was released. A lot has changed in skating, but these lads seem to have remained just as silly as they were 10 years ago. Just maybe a bit more turbo now. Watch A Happy Medium 4 here, here and here.

Just Cruise is Magenta's most enjoyable vid they've put out to date. Ben Gore kills it.

New items into the store include a Phil Morgan illustrated tee for Vague magThrasher's SOTY issue, and some new Mountain  Wax.

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