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Clock's changed, Glock's stayed the same

Fuck, think we'd all forgotten how rad the sun can be. Phones were blowing up yesterday with the same messages of 'weather's money, skate?' and hordes of crews descending on Bute Square. So money baybee.

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Apologies to all who came down to Blue Honey on Friday for the Huf video. We let you guys down. Sometimes the most organised plans go awry. But hey, at least Thrasher's playing it.

Some fresh Danny Brady for Lotties.

Jenkem hosted a LLSB edit. It's got Jeremy Jones, Joel Banner, Joe Coward and host of others giving Southbank a good seeing to.

Album from Etnies looks pretty epic. Pretty hyped to see a new Barney section.

Ryan Barlow's grasshopper part from the most exciting experimental video to ever be produced; Spirit Quest.

Glass v.2 features our lad Conor, the back of Jimmy Silver's head, Manny Lopez, Mikey Patrick, Charlie Munro and other assorted LDN heads.

Crailtap have uploaded classics Goldfish and Las Nueve Vidas De Paco. Kids, this is your homework for this week. I'm looking at you Leo. 

New goodness to arrive in the store includes all new clothing from all new brand Fore-Cast, Theobalds' Baller pack, drop 2 of Alltimers Spring 18 range, and drop 2 of Lakai.

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