Crack a tinny for Maindy Hip

by Mike

First our sign gets stolen, then the council decided to steal Maindy hip. Heartbreaking stuff. Thankfully Kev put together this mixtape of some of the best stuff to go down. 


Any new Gino footage is good footage.

Grosso drops sage advice on not doing smack and meth.

Prepare your mind to be fucked with Connor Krammerers part from Colin Reads Spirit Quest.

Everything you've wanted to know about Palace's Lev Tanju. While we're here, the Mwadlands raw footage has some Penny and Rowley gold.

Quasi video coming sooner than later. #excited

Ben Grove's turbo Manc section from Shads got uploaded to Vague. Fuck yes Grove!

Hype Beast bought most of the Berrics

New bits to the shop comes Lakai Spring 18, including the all new Bristol shoe. And we've got new clothing from Alltimers here and all. 

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