Kyle Walker SOTY Decks, Buy Now

by Mike

2016 was a pretty busy year for SOTY winner K-Walks. Buy his SOTY edition decks from Real and Thrasher at CSC now.

Kyle Walker's been on a mission in the past few years. I remember picking up a copy of Thrasher the other year, first advert was Vans, second was Volcom and then the third was Real, I think. All three ad's were K Walks. I think he may have had the contents photo too. And this was a fair while ago, and he hasn't stopped since. 

2016 saw him producing parts for Volcom's Holy Stokes, Vans' No Other Way and whole host of other clips throughout the year. Hit the play button above and get stoked.

We've got both of his SOTY from Real, in association with Thrasher. Peep game at them below.


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