Hockey Q4 Now in Store

by Mike

Slick inserts, embossed logos, and selfie graphics - Hockey knows how to keep it interesting.

It's that time again and Hockey are back with yet another sterling collection to help you see in the new year in style. Coming through with a fresh crop of decks, as well as hoodies, tees, and some choice headgear; this drop's got everything you could wish for and more. As the last drop of 2020, you know Hockey are gonna end it with a bang and this collection doesn't disappoint - we can't wait to see what 2021's gonna bring.

With deck's ranging from 8" up to 8.5", and pretty much everything in between, this drop's got something for everyone. Hockey have kept the kino theme going with another reference to classic French cinema, this time in the form of Kevin Rodrigues' 'Disruption' graphic, which features some characteristically haunting visuals as well as a reference to the film Il gèle en enfer. Congratulations if you're cultured enough to have got the reference without having to Google it, because we didn't have a Scooby.

Other choice graphics from the collection include the shockingly brilliant (sorry) Nik Stain 'Side Two' DeckBen Kadow's 'Summoned' Deck - featuring a collage that looks like something straight out of Se7en; and, the pièce de résistance, Andrew Allen's 'Main Event' Deck, which breaks the mold by using a picture of Andrew Allen skating as the graphic - which would look more at home in a skate mag than on the bottom of a deck - as well as having an embossed graphic and a slick insert. We weren't lying when we said this drop has it all.

On the softer side of things, Hockey Q4 comes chock full of tasty garments to keep you warm through the bitter Welsh winter. With tees and hoods to compliment the various deck graphics, Hockey have got your back if co-ordinations your pint of lager. Designs again draw upon suburban life, with the 'Neighbour' series employing the timeless iconography of the white picket fence, before juxtaposing it with a fractured image of a young skater to bring the suspiciously idyllic connotations into question. 

The drop also delivers with a bangin' selection of headwear, including various caps and beanies, which again take inspiration from the deck graphics - you've gotta love a cohesive drop. True to style, Hockey haven't shied away from engaging in social commentary through their designs, with the 'Ultraviolence' series offering a bleak portrayal of television - which may seem fairly hypocritical given Hockey's tendency to indulge in violent imagery, but at least they're making a statement. Having only just regained feeling in my ears after cycling in to work, I feel obliged to recommend some of the beanies on offer to spare yourselves the same pain. With two distinct styles of beanie, 'Main Event' and 'Drifter', whether you want a clean, stylish design or a raw, brutal scrawl, Hockey have all the bases covered - there's even a pair of socks.


Click here to view, shop and buy everything Hockey online at Cardiff Skateboard Club.

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