Heroin X The Texas Chainsaw Massarce


Heroin X The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: One of the most fitting collabs of the year, featuring decks and t'shirts has hit the racks and is ready to buy now.

The Heroin X The Texas Chainsaw Massacre collaboration is one of our most favourite collabs we've had in our store. It just feels right, doesn't it?

The capsule contains four decks, Who Will Survive 8.25", Posters 8.38", Leatherface 8.5" and Collage 8.625", all on popsicle shapes. The collection also has two tees. The Posters tee in black, which is made up of cuttings from the Western posters of the movie. Where as the College tee in white depicts bits and pieces taken from the Japanese cinema posters.

The decks all retail for £50, with obv's free Mob grip. The tees sell for £25.

Shop and buy all our Heroin Skateboards products online at Cardiff Skateboard Club now.

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