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Go Skate Day was super fun, wasn't it? The full edit of the day is currently in the works (shout outs to Ben for filming), but in the meantime, here's a gallery of Ash Wilson's dope photos from the day. Big up to Ash. He drove down all the way from Southport to kill it behind and in-front of the lens. That mach 10 noseslide 270 was no joke. Wait till you see it in the edit.

For some reason Shopify likes to lower the quality on images. Hit me up if you wanna see higher-res versions.

Katchi takes a break from getting gnarly and gets a smith instead on the new CSC block

Ali Watson traveled down from Wolverhampton, just to remind us that he's still got the biggest pop. Come back soon lad.


Shout outs to our very own Pirate Man, Christian Hart for stepping up to the MCing challenge.

Tom Longden also stepped up, and over

We always have full EU representation at all CSC events, thanks to Poland's Hash Crew

Billy was hyped on the shock Mike and Ali WWF tag team announcement

Okay, getting a bit bored looking a various wallie pictures now, but Billy's Bart Simpson is pretty impressive.

Problems was on fire all day. I really want to say that this was a shifty late shuv. Next levs.


David came through with a pinnacle kickflip

Problems once again pulling out the #unconventional moves. Early grab back 180.

However, this was probably the most unexpected trick of the entire day. Flip late shuv shocker.

Billy going the distance for the longest ollie challenge.

Although there's not much point entering any ollie based challenge when Ali's in town.

No comply wallride from Probs while Billy holds his board the wrong way round.

Does anyone get higher than Billy? Answers on the back of a tenner please.

What you can't see is that the trucks are the wrong way round. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Street warriors, or something.

You'd think from this image that Katchi was gonna win the race.

It didn't end well for him. Or anyone else. Kinda looks like an impromptu breakdance session though.

Sandy somehow escaping the carnage.

Definitely one of the funniest things we've ever done.

Backwards trucks race got the better of Karl.

More Billy getting vertical.

'I'm the prettiest boy here' - Josh Underwood

Josh brought some Cuban cigars back from Cuba.

Mike also enjoyed them.

Mike backlip on the best block at Bute.

Mike loves a good blunt. More than most people.

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So gutted I couldn’t make it but I’ll be there next year!

Jim O

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