Go Skate Day 2020 Challenge - The Winners


Go Skate Day 2020 Top 5 Winners Count Down

Boy did we have our work cut out for us with this challenge. We sort of foolishly thought that we'd probably only get about 5 edits submitted and it would have been easy to judge. We were very, very, very wrong.

Whittling down the original 20 entries to 5 was hard enough, then trying to break that down into a series of winners, jeez! We managed it though, hopefully you'll agree with us, and if you don't, let us know in comments.

5th Place - Robbie Tann

Probably the dopest of all the edits we got sent. So much swag in this one. Gangsta tune, saggy ass denim and some big fuck off shoes. Damn shame that Robbie did his ankle in on the second day of filming, otherwise I could see this one placing higher.

4th Place - Lloyd Houston

We've always wanted to know what it's like to go in the Space Cowboy's mind and have a walk about. Guess this three and half minutes is a pretty good insight of one man and his kicker. 

3rd Place - Duncan Parncutt

Comedy goes a long way with us. Duncan's edit has us pissing our pants. Duncan teamed up his comedic bones with some top techness. This short but very sweet edit left a delicious taste in our mouths and that ender blew our mind.

2nd Place - Dan Higginson

Coming in hot from across the channel and featuring KATCHI! What a total shocker. The flip nose wheelie nollie flip got us hooked and the on point filming snd editing kept us until the end.

1st Place - Stu Miller

Wow, so much good stuff in here it's easy to see why it took first place. Simple no nonsense editing and some super tech stuff. Short enough that it makes you clucking to go out for a skate. Swiz nose manny fake tre like it's nobodies business. So good to see these pair laying it down in the streets. C'mon boys, let's see a full part from you both! PS Love those shorty shorts Sean

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Siiiick. So rad to see all these different styles from Cardiff. Loved it.

Jim O

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