Go Skate Day 2020 Challenge - The Runner Ups


Runner Ups for CSC's Go Skate Day 2020 Challenge
Winners announced here next Tuesday!

Here it is, the moment lots of you have been waiting for, and the moment a few of you couldn't wait for. Below are the entries for our Go Skate challenge that sadly didn't make the Top 5 cut. We were totally blown away by the amount of edits that were sent in. So stoked to see so many people putting in the effort to film clips and edit them, big up yourselves! It's not an easy task, and one that's easy to just sack off and not bother. So a big, big thank you to everyone who entered!

Huge apologies on our end as to the delay in posting these. First time doing something like always leads to unforeseen problems and trying to re-open the shop at the same time proved more hectic than we imagined. Although we've definitely ironed out most of the teething problems ready for our next challenge - more on that later!

A few of the edits below were in contention to be on podium, but unfortunately due to beans being blown on the internet we've had to disqualify them from the grand prize - hey, it was in the rules, and fair's fair and all that. But that seemed a little unfair seeing as our be delay probably didn't help. We all know how quick everyone wants footage to come out in our Insta age. Everyone who did send in an edit, please DM us your address and t'shirt size, or swing by the shop next time you're in town. We'll hook you up!

But enough of all that, lets get the edits rollin' in no particular order

Keanan Forde - CF419 Trill

Dan Holding

Gabe Lilford

Jack Turner

Charlie B

Oscar Brookes

Lewis Keen


Ed Richards - P-Town Rats

Laura & Prom Queens

The Wolf

Daniel Aynge

Josh Jones

Callum Duhig

Will B

Hope you enjoyed these as much as we did. Make sure you check back here next Tuesday to find out who's gonna take home the big money baybee! 💰👶

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So many sick edits. First one was a banger and Oscar’s too. Haven’t watched them all yet but absolutely gutted I didn’t win haha!!

Jim O

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