Essentials - Solo Jazz

by Dan Bunn

We believe there are some skate videos that everybody should be familiar with. 'Solo Jazz' is one of those videos.

If you're wondering what the big deal about Bronze 56k is, I don't think there's any better way to understand than to watch their seminal video offering, 'Solo Jazz'. Released in 2013, 'Solo Jazz' encapsulates the spirit of Bronze with its trippy editing, iconic soundtrack, and raw East Coast street skating from the likes of Dick Rizzo, Josh Wilson, Aaron Herrington, Billy McFeely, and more. This is some premium, sophisticated adult entertainment.

The surreal introduction, which recommends switching to 240p for maximum viewing pleasure, unleashes a barrage of flashing images which almost borders on subliminal stimulation. From Bronze rip-offs of Playstation logos and iconic basketball clips to optical illusions and people skyboarding out of planes; the intro to this video has got to be the most mentally stimulating minute of content you'll ever see, and that's before Dick Rizzo even starts skating. Not gonna lie, I'm not exactly down with the kids and I have no idea if younguns these days are into Bronze, but I honestly couldn't imagine anything more appealing to the deranged mind of a Fortnite-addicted 13-year old than the pure chaos of one of Bronze's videos. So kids, if you're reading this, go watch a Bronze video. I promise it'll change your life, and not just by giving you irreversible brain damage (in a good way).

My favourite part from the video has to be Dick Rizzo's opening section. Dick is East Coast skating through and through with his mastery of anything banked - from cellar doors to straight-up walls - and keen eye for spots, Rizzo can scope out lines that nobody else would notice. To put it simply, Dick skates fast and does cool tricks on cool spots, and if you weren't already aware, that's basically what good skating consists of. You can practically taste the influence of Bobby Puleo in any one of Rizzo's parts, and anyone who can be compared to the lord of cellar doors is an instant favourite for me. There's a reason Tolkien said 'cellar door' is the most beautiful phrase in the English language, and it's got fuck-all to do with phonaesthetics.

Of course, the soundtrack is impeccable too, as to be expected of renowned obscure music connoisseur and Bronze co-owner, Peter Sidlauskas. From the Drake track in the intro (not gonna lie I absolutely hate Drake but it somehow works here), to all the other unidentified songs throughout, 'Solo Jazz' will have you frantically searching out the track IDs, even if you'd have to spend a week solid digging through the depths of YouTube to find them. Safe to say that familiarising yourself with Bronze video soundtracks will make you significantly cooler.

That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop now to check out the full range of Bronze 56k clothing and accessories at CSC, and do yourself a favour: watch the damn video. Safe.

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