Essentials - Instagram Killed The Video Star

by Dan Bunn

We believe there are some skate videos that everybody should be familiar with. 'Instagram Killed The Video Star' is one of those videos.

It's pretty hard to deny that Instagram has had a massive influence on the skateboard community over the last few years, mostly in a negative way as the title of this video would suggest, with less emphasis being placed on traditional video parts and an increasing expectation for skaters to constantly upload clips to the social media platform. Instagram has given rise to a wide number of wack new trends and clichés, from slow-mo trap edits to cringe repost accounts and, worst of all, tasteless influencers like Burberry Erry. There's a pretty strong argument to be made that Instagram is the worst thing to happen to humanity since we grew legs and crawled out whatever fetid pond we were lurking in.

However, with the bad comes the good, Instagram has undoubtedly helped bring some quality content into the lives of many. Think skateboard-dedicated meme pages like @badskatermemes, and the undisputed GOAT, @chrisdobstar, as well as accounts dedicated to preserving skate history and making it accessible to the masses, like @scienceversuslife, @cultoftom, and @nbd_archive. Sour Solution's Instagram account falls into this second category, delivering some of the best content on the 'Gram. From Gustav skating a mini-ramp, to Simon Isaksson living the high-life, the Sour Solution boys definitely know how to make Instagram work for them.

As the name would suggest, 'Instagram Killed The Video Star' ('IKTVS') is a light-hearted compilation of clips filmed across a range of devices, from the humble smartphone to the legendary VX1000, featuring unused footage from previous videos as well as clips taken straight from the 'Gram. The video was essentially commissioned by Jenkem magazine, who hit up the Sour Solution boys in the hopes of enlightening some of their American audience about these enigmatic Europeans. As a result, ex-Sour filmer, Jonathan Lomar, put together this edit from clips both old and new to help capture the spirit of the Sour team and make the most of their impeccable Instagram presence.

Despite featuring Insta footy, 'IKTVS' keeps the feel of a traditional video with distinct parts for each skater as well as a musical backdrop - thankfully no mumble rap, mind. The video seamlessly blends drunken hijinx, circus tricks, hilarious bails, clips from cult movies, skatepark footage, and some genuine hammers, into a delightful video that genuinely has something for everyone.

Sour Solution videos aren't too serious at the best of times, and 'IKTVS' features an extra large serving of tomfoolery from the boys. From fly-out benihana finger-flips to Nisse 'skiing' on two boards, Sour deliver the Cirque de Soleil of circus tricks, just in case you didn't already know they can do absolutely anything on a skateboard.

Gustav Tønnesen comes through with the last part, showcasing some of the laziest flip tricks you'll ever see as well as some absolutely ludicrous one-foot wizardry. Gustav's gotta be one of the youngest skaters to be honoured with a 'cult of' Instagram account dedicated to him and this part is a pretty solid explanation of why he deserves it. It feels like I spend all my time writing about how amazing he is at the moment but the fact that there are people out there who are unfamiliar with his sublime skateboarding is one of the world's greatest tragedies. If it was up to me there'd be charities dedicated to making Gustav and Tom Penny clips accessible in deprived countries, but unfortunately the best we've got is @cultofgustav and @cultoftom. This is your cue to go follow these accounts, you can thank me later.

That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop now to buy the full range of Sour Solution skateboard decks and clothing available at Cardiff Skateboard Club. Safe.

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