CSC Winter 17 Collection

by Mike

All new bits for the CSC Winter 17 range. Including tees, longsleeves, crews, hoods. The whole nine yards. 100% Authentic club gear.

Best be dusting off them wallets, the Winter 17 CSC collection is in the building. Featuring the all new Wonka artwork by legend Ed Syder, who also did the Lords of Bute Town stuff. He's basically an absolute ruler. Big ups to Ed. Wonka comes in short sleeve tees, long sleeves, and hoods.

Also in the range is the brand new Mod logo stuff from another one of our fave's, Nathaniel Jones who's work you'll know if you've ever brought any Indy or Santa Cruz clothing from us. And you'll definitely know his other Insta account, @RequiemForAScreen. The Mod logo comes in short sleeve tees, longsleeves, crews and hoods.

Due to a massive demand, we decided to bring back the Lords of Bute Town range this winter. Pretty limited on stock though, so buy or be gutted. Your choice. The Lords range comes in short sleeve tees, crews, and 1/4 zips.

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