CSC Real Street 2023 - The Results

by Dan Bunn

The results are in! Check out all of the CSC Real Street submissions and find out who earned themselves the prestigious Easter Edit crown.

CSC Real Street Easter Edit Competition Poster 2023 - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

First off, we wanna say a big shoutout to everyone who took part in the comp and sent in their edits, we proper enjoyed watching them all and there's some serious hammers in there! It hasn't been easy reaching a decision but our elite team of judges have been hard at work analysing all the footage and the results are finally in. Of course it's not all about 'winning' though so we thought we'd give everyone who took part a little shoutout for their efforts. 'Cos we're nice like that.

Of course you're all gonna want to know about the prizes but don't worry there's plenty of those to go round. Whether you're a winner or a runner up we've got some goodies to reward your efforts so get in touch with us via Instagram and we'll sort out your prizes. Enough of that though, here's the results.

The Runners Up

Caerphilly Crew

Top marks for the production on this one, you can't really beat those epic drone shots and heroic voiceover. As to be expected Sam Horler lays down some X-Games worthy runs at his local TF, Penllwyn, but the real stars of the show are the mighty Blackwood skate crew who up the ante with synchronised stunts and strong homie vibes. It's sick to see the communities developing around all the new Caerphilly skateparks, especially when there's such a strong group of female rippers. Keep up the good work young legends!

Noni and Lona

Nice to see Spit and Sawdust's superstar sisters heading out into the streets of Cardiff to put their well-honed skills to the test, coming through with top-tier spot selection and no shortage of style. They even made their mark on Southbank and we're sure it won't be long before they're launching themselves down the set there. 


Solid showing from Cardiff's resident Rad Dads and they're similarly rad children, Ed Richards and da boyz take us on a tour of classic Cardiff spots alongside some complimentary Plymouth bangers with power siblings Ru and Jo doing the majority of the heavy lifting. Special shoutout to Moose's rock ride. 

Jon and Rob

The most dynamic duo since Batman and Robin (but sadly without the tights), CSP staples Go On Jon and Rob Herrington bravely ventured out of their usual stomping ground for this fun-filled edit - which feels somewhat like a lost sketch from The Mighty Boosh thanks to the trippy editing - featuring some absolutely desperate 'spots' and a load of two-wheeled hammers. 

3rd Place - Gabe Watkins

With Bridgend having churned out some of the finest skaters from recent years, it's no surprise that Ashmore's resident heavy-hitters, Gabe Watkins and co, have made their way into the Top 3. The boys hit up a solid assortment of South Wales spots before giving the Bridgend double set a thorough pasting. Bonus points for the impeccable song choice.

2nd Place - Andy Galloway and Telford Crew

The hefty, GX-esque road gap opener is sure to grab your attention early on in this one and the bangers don't stop coming with Tristan Jones demolishing spot after spot before shutting it all down with a no-nonsense ender.

1st Place - Danny Coston SBW

Well this one speaks for itself really. These boys have most certainly got the skills to pay the bills, even with the rising cost of living. Jack Steele and the homies provide a thorough lesson on technique in this banger-filled video that was always destined for first place. Fair play lads.

People's Choice - Hemmy

As always our beloved Hemingford Raymond Arthur Baldock is in a league of his own, even going so far as to establish his very own production company. Big Dawg Productions' latest masterpiece is short but sweet with top-tier editing and trademark bangers at North Road curbs alongside a delightful snippet of vintage Lloyd footy. Just what the doctor ordered.

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