CSC Go Skate Day 2017 Edit

by Mike

The CSC Go Skate Day 2017 edit is finally here. Featuring all your favourites! 

First off, huge apologies for the delay in getting this edit out. House movings, not having a clue how to even watch the footage back, work, actually going skating and a plethora of other shit you don't care about got in the way. And sometimes you don't even have to move to London or Barca to get caught up in the party life. Turns out the party life can get you right here too. My bad.

Highlights include; Mike's mach 10 line straight out of the car, still with his shotta bag on. Ali turning up and proceeding to completely destroy everything while everyone said 'who the fuck is this guy?'Ali Watson is the best, don't forget it. Josh and his Cuban cigars. Problems going ballistic with his token #unexpected manoeuvres. The funniest race since the boxcar race of '15.

Don't forget to see Ash Wilson's full photo gallery of the day here.

Big shout outs to Christian and Nia for the loan of the kicker, Christian for taking on mic duties. Ben Poulton for filming, and Ash Wilson for the stills. Al Power for the transportation of the block and hooking up the projector for The Flare premiere. Josh and Andy at Blue Honey for hosting the premiere. And everyone who came down, skated, drank, smoked, laughed. Big props.

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