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Dan Bunn

Shoutout to everyone who came down to the Llanrumney skatepark meeting on Wednesday and gave their input. But to anyone who couldn't make it down: don't worry you've still got the chance to have your say via the online survey.

Cardiff Llanrumney Skatepark Meeting Poster with Survey Link - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

In the meeting, the legends from Van Der Zalm and Newline Skateparks showed us some potential design ideas for the new park, with two main options on offer. Option 1 featured a mixture of transition and street, although with more emphasis on transition and a separate street-oriented section. Whereas Option 2 was a more street-focused plaza-style design. They also showed a range of different features - including banks, hips, slappies, ramps, ledges, and more - and asked the group which features they would most like to see in the park.

While both options are still very rough outlines of what the park could look like, you've now got chance to have your say on what you'd like to see via the online survey. The survey's pretty much the same as the meeting, just in a less chaotic format, so there's plenty of time to study the pictures and weigh up the options before you make your decision. The questions cover your preferred types of features, which design option you prefer and why, as well as other amenities you'd like to see included, and other ways they could make the park unique.

The survey's only live until the 1st June so make sure you fill it out ASAP. It only takes five minutes to fill out but it'll be well worth it when we've got a brand spanking new park to enjoy. The more responses the survey gets, the more likely it'll be that the park actually has stuff people want to skate. So, whether you live in Llanrumney or not, be sure to fill out the survey so that we can all have a park that's worth jumping on the bus to get to. Either way it always fills us with hope talking to the VDZ and Newline boys, they definitely know what they're doing and fingers crossed we'll end up with a load of bangin' new parks for everyone to enjoy. As we mentioned before, Llanrumney is hopefully going to be the first of many new skateparks in Cardiff, although we're not sure where's going to be next after this so keep your ears and eyes peeled for more news.

On a slightly related note, we've had a couple people message us asking if we can get parks built where they live, but unfortunately that's not really up to us. While we're doing everything we can to work with the council and the guys building the parks and try to make sure everyone has something to skate, unfortunately we don't really have much say over where they get built.

If you want to try push for a new park in your local area, your best bet would be to write to the council or your local MP. Try to get as many people to write to them as possible, like your parents, grandparents, friends, etc, to convince them there's a need for a new park and hopefully they'll be able to make something happen. Fingers crossed though, Cardiff should soon be home to a load of sick new parks so it may just be a case of waiting for news about what the next phases of the plan are; there may already be something in the works!

That's enough chit-chat though. You can click here to access the survey, or if that's not easy enough then you can also click the big red button at the top of the page. Or, check out more news about Cardiff's Skatepark Plans on the CSC Blog. Safe.

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Hope you get a mini bowl. Some lighting and a water fountain

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