BEYOND THE 3RD WAVE - New Palace Pro Decks Now In-Store!

Dan Bunn

After turning pro for Palace skateboards at the premiere of their incredible new full-length video, 'BEYOND THE 3RD WAVE', Charlie Birch and Kyle Wilson's new pro skateboard decks are available in-store and online now. You better move fast though, they won't be around for long.

In what's been an amazing weekend for skate videos, Palace have added to their already impressive library with a new full-length featuring parts from all your favourite skaters. We loved the feel of the video with the filming and song choice all being on point. It's pretty impressive that Palace have managed to progress the style of their videography and make the move to HD while still maintaining that same iconic Palace video feeling, particularly when similar brands have stagnated in recent years. Not naming any names, but you know who we're on about.

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One half of Palace's new pair of professionals, Kyle Wilson, starts things off strong with a powerful part filled with more pop than a primary school disco. We've loved seeing Kyle grow as a skater, from his early appearances in the Jenkem 'Regulate' series and early Yardsale videos, and it's sick seeing him get the recognition he deserves. Kyle's definitely gonna go down as one of the style icons of this generation, so make sure you grab one of his new pro skateboard decks to pay your respects to the King. You never know, it might even help you pop high like him.

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The middle section of the video is made up of short-but-sweet parts from some of Palace's most legendary skaters, including Lucas Puig, Danny Brady, Jamal Smith, Chewy Cannon, and Lucien Clarke. The song choices for both Lucas and Danny are absolutely spot-on - Lucas and Brady skating to Pavarotti and 'Drive' by The Cars, respectively - with the songs helping to capture the sheer beauty and grace of their skateboarding. Definitely a nice change from some of the other music in the video that made me feel like I was sat in some stranger's kitchen at 5AM wondering what I'm doing with my life, although knowing Palace, that's probably the intended effect.

New Palace Kyle Wilson pro model skateboard deck

The style God, Heitor Da Silva, shows us all how it's meant to be done in a part filled with long buttery lines, carefully curated 'fits, and more drip than a leaky tap. It's no secret that I've been a Heitor fanboy for years since seeing his incredible part in the Oslo scene video, 'TIGERSTADEN', and it's safe to say he's blossomed into a beautiful butterfly - emphasis on the butter. It looks like the future of Palace is in safe hands with this new generation of legends, and we're definitely looking forward to more video offerings featuring the holy trinity of Heitor, Charlie, and Kyle.

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Finally, Scouse superstar, Charlie Birch, has the honours of bringing the video to a close with a hefty multi-song part filled to the brim with powerful, pace-y manoeuvres, hectic handrail management, and some hilarious B-roll. Take notes everyone, this is how it's done. Skating to bangers such as Sinéad O'Connor's 'Nothing Compares 2 U' and 'On a Ragga Tip' by SL2 - which coincidentally were also used by Pirate Man in his legendary 'NOW: That's What I Call Skateboarding' video - Charlie handles spots from all around the world, clearly demonstrating his impeccable trick and spot selection. The part's even got a bangin' cameo from UK legend and Lost Art gaffer, Dave Mackey. What more could you want?

Buy new Palace Charlie Birch pro model skateboard deck at Cardiff Skateboard Club

Regardless of how you feel about Palace's clothes, and the people who buy them, it's pretty hard to deny that they've blessed us with some ridiculously good videos over the years. Here's to many more.

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It's safe to say that both Charlie and Kyle are already legends in the game, and this video is further proof that their promotion to the pro ranks is extremely well-deserved. If, for some reason, you need any more of an incentive to grab one of these beautiful new skateboard decks, at the ridiculously cheap price of £54 they're one of the most affordable skateboard decks on the market. Who said looking cool had to be expensive?

Both of the new pros have been blessed with two separate graphics, the 'Fast' deck and the 'S27' deck, with the 'Fast' decks featuring the names of each pro in Palace's iconic 'Fast' font, and the 'S27' features different variations of a staircase leading up into a dense forest of the devil's lettuce, or a stairway to heaven depending on how you look at it.

Head to the shop now to get your hands on Charlie Birch and Kyle Wilson's first ever pro skateboard decks, alongside the full collection of Palace skateboard decks available at Cardiff Skateboard Club, and show your appreciation for these future greats of the UK skate scene. Safe.

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