Astroid Boys x CSC

by Jim O

Astroid Boys x CSC?!?! How the...

We didn't set out on this journey to start doing gigs, we just wanted to open an independent skate shop to build on the mighty legacy of City Surf that sank beneath the waves last year.

Astroid Boys x Cardiff Skateboard Club (CSC) tee

The Astroid Boys have come a long way in the past few years. From formation in 2010 (I think?) to playing Glastonbury and getting signed to's pretty mental.

Phil has been a regular visitor to Spit and Sawdust, City Surf and CSC over the years and when we mentioned that it was hard getting people to visit CSC in the Castle Emporium because nobody knew where it was he suggested doing a one-off free gig to get the name out.

You don't get an offer like that every day so BIG UP PHIL! The Astroid Boys are gonna play a show on Saturday 8th April but by the time you read this it's too late to get a ticket because they all went in a couple of hours. Sorry. You can come hang outside the shop and skate if you want and who knows you might even be able to hear what's happening from outside.

*Limited edition Astroid Boys X CSC tee coming soon. Sign up below if you wanna get one before they sell out.....or if you're content with just black and white, you can pre-order now.

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For more Astroid Boys and City Road skate vibes with Carter the Unstoppable Skate Machine watch the vid.

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