Ask A Skate Shop - Legacy Skate Store

by Dan Bunn

In the run-up to Skate Shop Day, we thought we'd reach out to some our favourite shops across the UK to ask them some not-so-serious questions about the highs and lows of running a skate shop.

Legacy Skate Store, Darlington - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

Skate Shop Day might be over but we're still going with our 'Ask A Skate Shop' series because every day should be Skate Shop, right? This time we chatted to the man behind Legacy Skate Store, Ronny Calow. Ron's a certified UK legend who's been part of the Death Skateboards crew for a whopping 25 years and is still out there killin' it today alongside supplying the good people of Darlington with the finest skate clobber. Cheers mate!

  • One product you thought you’d never get rid of?
    • £80 Skateboards, they’re still here! I was right.
  • One thing you wish people knew about skate shops?
    • They’re a lonely place.
  • Most played video in the shop?
    • 'Vic & Bob's Afternoon Delights'.
  • Favourite skate shop video?
    • Mischief vids.
  • Worst thing about deciding to film a shop video?
    • I’ll let you know when I decide.
    • Best team rider?
      • They’re like my children, hard to choose.
    • Worst team rider?
      • See above.
    • Best shop employee?
      • We’re a small team and I appreciate them all equally.
    • Worst shop employee?
      • See above.
    Ben Broyd Backside Tailslide Nosegrab, photo by Rob Whiston - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
    Legacy team rider, Ben Broyd, shot by Rob Whiston.
    • Biggest ‘I will never financially recover from this’ moment?
      • I’d say the current economic situation
    • Most famous shop visitor? Bonus: what did they get and did they ask for discount?
      • Ben Raemers, no
      • Cheekiest request from a customer?
        • Can’t think of anything, mainly buying shit from other places then asking us to grip or setup that stuff.
      • Shop soundtrack?
        • I play Jimmy Eden Moon (YouTube), top quality 90s hip-hop and loads of rare white labels. It’s just on shuffle but it keeps the shop vibe niiiice.
      • Do you think making a shop video is important?
        • No.
      • Most common question you get asked?
        • "How long you been here?"
      Legacy Skate Store, Darlington Interior - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
      Legacy Skate Store: holding it down for Darlington and the Tees Valley since 2011.
      • Best thing about working in/owning a shop?
        • Freedom from the man.
      • Worst thing about running a shop?
        • No money, dealing with assholes
      • The shop wouldn’t still be here if it wasn’t for…
        • My stupidity.
      • Best memory from a shop trip or session?
        • Just hanging with the team.
      • If you could start over again what would you do differently?
        • Everything.
      • If you could bring back one brand from the grave what would it be?
        • Deathbox.

      That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to buy the latest skateboard decks, clothing, shoes and more from CSC. Or, check out the rest of our Ask A Skate Shop series on the CSC Blog. Safe.

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