Welsh Skate History - Pritchard vs. Dainton

Dan Bunn

 Another absolute belter from Dykie's archives, 'Pritchard vs. Dainton' is packed with serious hammers and hilarious hijinx. Just don't try any of it at home.

Arguably one of the most influential videos to ever come out of Wales, 'Pritchard vs. Dainton' corrupted the minds of children and fuelled parents' nightmares throughout the UK. The video was so popular in fact that it caught the attention of executives at MTV UK who decided to make a TV show out of it starring Matt Pritchard, Lee Dainton, Mike 'Pancho' Locke, and Dan Joyce. The show - titled 'Dirty Sanchez' - went on to be the most popular MTV UK series of all time and was broadcasted across the world in over 64 countries to a total of over 400 million people. Not bad for a bunch of Welsh scallywags.

Unlike the more traditional skate video formats of 'Enter The Dragon' and 'Four Wheel Dragons', 'Pritchard vs. Dainton' marked a step away from the skating for those involved. The video's basically a cross between 'Rodney vs. Daewon' and 'Big Brother' (which later went on to become Jackass), with plenty of hammers and hijinx throughout. The boys unleash absolute havoc on each other and anyone unfortunate enough to be in their general vicinity. From timeless pranks on anyone foolish enough to fall asleep on the session - like the age-old shaving cream face slap - to mindless self-harm, like Joyce shooting himself in the plums with a BB gun. If you're looking for new ways to terrorise your mates, 'Pritchard vs. Dainton' is nothing short of inspirational.

Alongside all the ridiculous stunts, there's plenty of equally ridiculous skating from countless UK legends including Nat Davies, Josh Perrett, Chris 'Gibbsy' Gibbons, Ben Leyden, and Dan Cates, as well as Pritch and Dainton (obviously). Nat D, Josh, Gibbsy, Cates, and Dan Wood all come through with bangin' parts, and there's some insane montages throughout of Pritch, Dainton and the rest of the boys laying waste to parks and spots across the UK. I'll never get sick of watching old Bute footage, especially lines like Nat D's nollie nosegrind to kickflip up and pop shuv the gap. Absolutely timeless.

From the chaotic intro montage to the epic fight scene at the end, the video is an absolute treat throughout and there's way too much good shit to be able to talk about even half of it. Just do yourself a favour and watch it, yeah? Safe to say they don't make them like this anymore.

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