Top 5 Curb Skaters

Dan Bunn

We love skating curbs.

There are few simple pleasures that can compare to the feeling of smashing your trucks into a curb, and even fewer activities that can demonstrate the transformative potential for skateboarding to create joy from the mundane better than dicking about on a crusty carpark curb.

Join us as we take a look at some of the best curb skaters from over the years, then go out there and get waxing.

John Lucero

Widely credited with inventing the slappy, John Lucero's name is synonymous with curb skating. Whether he's styling out lengthy slappy grinds or doing weird stalls and sweepers like it's a vert ramp, Lucero perfectly captures the countless possibilities and endless joy of skating curbs. His 'Fat Guy On A Curb' part is what curb skating's all about: crusty curbs, big guts, and being a fuckin' weirdo.

Dane Brady

Easily one of my personal favourites, Dane Brady is without a doubt one of the finest slappyist of this millennium. His part in Polar's iconic video, 'I Like It Here Inside My Mind', blew minds around the world and helped spark the modern resurgence of curb skating. The style, the speed, the song, the trick selection; it's all on point and it's guaranteed to make you want to get out there and crush some curbs.

Ocean Howell

Ocean Howell is a certified curb technician, coming through with hectic tech and back-breaking combos. He also makes excellent use of the humble curb cut which is a surefire way to my heart. That pressure flip lateflip is bonkers too. Almost as good as Lettuce's shuv lateflips.

Danny Sargent

Although Danny Sargent isn't exactly a household name anymore, he's definitely one of the sickest to ever smash his trucks into a parking block. In contrast to the technical 'curb dancing' that was prevalent at the time, The Sarge charges with speed and power through lengthy grinds, and strings together bangin' lines. While it's technically not a curb, his slappy 50 on the block at Embarcadero is absolutely psycho and just goes to show his level of slappy wizardry.

Ace Pelka

Another modern great of the curb skating scene, Ace Pelka has been pushing curb skating to new heights with his inimitable combination of creativity and tech. Whether he's ollieing out of a boardslide from curb to curb, doing death-defying slappy combos on the edge of a cliff, or getting weird with one-foot, pretzel, and backwards ski-stance slappies - if it involves anything red and painted, he can do it. Just a shame both of his slappy dedicated parts were posted by the Berrics. They're definitely worth watching but I ain't endorsing that absolute cesspool.

Honourable Mentions


The people's champ.


Not a single curb skater but this whole video is well worth a mention. Some of the best in the game and all their homies getting busy on carpark curbs, just the way it should be. A true modern classic.

Jérémie Daclin

While he's not known as a curb skater historically, Jérémie Daclin has been a major proponent of curb skating in recent years, routinely laying waste to Lyon's now infamous downhill curb and even helping spread the stoke by putting on legendary curb skating events.

That's enough chit-chat though. Check out our curb skating gear guide to view our range of specially curated curb skating equipment. Or, check out more Top 5's on the CSC Blog. Safe.

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