The Week Today, Now - 29/10/2022

Dan Bunn

Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including the new Sants documentary, skating in Cuba, and Mikey Alfred kooking himself.

Meme mocking Mikey Alfred and Illegal Civ over the 700k Skate Beef - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

Paying tribute to Dan Wolfe's East Coast classic, 'Underachievers: Eastern Exposure 3' (if you haven't seen it, go watch it now), 'Overachievers' is a new video from Vladimir Film Festival, featuring John Dahlquist and Steffen Austerheim alongside some of the now-legendary Bryggeriet Skate School alumni like Heitor Da Silva, Ville Wester, Didrik Galasso and Oskar Rozenberg.

Doritos enthusiast and prolific kook, Mikey Alfred, has heaped further disgrace onto his already severely tarnished name this week by holding an actual child's clips ransom for the humble price of $700k among countless other offences. Yeah, Illegal Civ fuckin' sucks.

'El Flujo' is another Vladimir Film Festival flick which offers an insight into what it's like being a skater in Cuba, accompanied by eye-pleasing skating from Denny Pham, Barney Page, Rob Wootton and the local homies: Orlando Rosales, Camilo Sanchez, Carlos Burgos and Ariel Lago.

Fred Plocque Santos has joined the Haze Wheels and Pulsar Bearings teams, treating us to some very enjoyable Marseille footage in the process - and of course it wouldn't be a Marseille clip without some footage of le chèvre, Victor Campillo.

Learn about some of the history and the ongoing struggles of one of Barcelona's most iconic spots, Sants-Estació, in the new 40-minute documentary from SNT4EVER, 'En Resumen'.

Andres Garcia has come through with a new video dedicated to the memory of his homie, Camilo Enriquez, and it features a strong assortment of talent, including Tanner Burzinski, Dylan Jaeb, Patrick Praman and young gun, Gavin Bottger.

Edouard Depaz Wallie Frontside Tailslide, photo by Clément Le Gall - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Edouard Depaz with a hefty wallie front tail, shot by Clément Le Gall.

Edouard Depaz has a new part out for Bordeaux-based Rave Skateboards alongside an interview over on Free, check it out to find out why he's such a nice guy and witness his distinctively French steez in action.

Leo Baker brings the hammers in his new 'Post-Op' part for Spitfire, unleashing some serious tech on the streets of New York.

Join Jack Fardell on a tour of the States' finest street transition, from banks and ditches to giant sculptures, in his hectic new part for Madness Skateboards.

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