The 8th Annual Plaza Comp 2017

by Mike

Boom. It's that time of year again. The 8th Plaza Comp is almost here.

You all know the deal by now. If you don't, then come on. This is the 8th plaza comp we've done now. We've got the under 16's, over 16's, and sponsored categories and then always popular and gnarly best trick contest to round the day off. With DJ's providing the sounds all day, and hopefully Jim with the mic in one hand an a stella in the other.

This year we've got sponsorship and prizes from those lush people at Skate Cafe, Sml Wheels, Lovenskate, Real, Outpost, Spitfire, SWYD, Enthusiasm Events and Spit & Sawdust.

Reminisce about the plaza comps of yesteryear below.

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