Yo, you seen this yet?

by Mike

Tom set up a survey to do with the current state of parks in Cardiff. If you want repairs, improvements and new parks then please, please, please fill this out.

VIN from James Harris is v. good. Has lots of good stuff from Pete Carron, James Griffiths, Francis Peters, and some Bute Square hammers from Scott Wittaker and Jess. Also, is this the start of a Modest Mouse in skate videos revival?

Alltimers inaugural video No Idea is the feel good video of the year. ET's got an interview with nice photos on Thrasher too.

Probs' remixed his own footage from I-can't-remember-which-Plaza-comp.

Haven't got around to watching Saint Denis yet, but judging from Phil Evans' previous work with Format Perspective and Panoramic series you know this will be good viewing.

Bobshirt spoke to Slap favourite Freddy Gall.

Part two of Sidewalk's Raconteurs series on Doug is up.

Jack Curtain and Tom K close out Skate Mental's Aunt Tammy.

New Mean Streets volume is pretty mean.

James Capps went round Europe in a pair of Sheffield's.

Brazil's Olympic squad, apparently. We're not one to judge, but surely the Olympic Commitee could pick out some more flattering photos. Tiago still loods good tho, maybe cos he's the only one not with head gear? 😉

Ever wanted to see Jaws' dingdong? PS Can Americans stop called Mandy, Molly? Safe lads.

You already know about the new shop tees, right? The Fire Capsule is 👌and we've got some other very special bits in the store right now. You'll gonna have to hold onto your seats for a just a little be longer though. It'll be worth it, we swear!

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Hey Tim, check out the plaza down Cardiff Bay, Bute Square and obv’s Spit & Sawdust.


Hi I just found your blog. I am going to visit Cardiff in June and bringing my board. Where’s the best skatepark in the city?

Also interested to meet other skate enthusiasts.

Thanks a lot!


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