Cortina Bearings - Available to buy now!

by Mike

The all new bearing company that you'll definitely want in your life. Especially with Na-kel, Elijah and K-Walks on the team. Cortina Bearings are now available to buy at Cardiff Skateboard Club now.

Designed in Cardiff, made in China, packaged in LA. Cortina is about as international as they come. Boasting a team of all previously mentioned heavy hitters and have a UK team including Casper Brooker, Mike Arnold and Kyron Davis, you know Cortina mean business. Plus, all the artwork and stuff is done by CSC head designer Nat. You might know his Requiem for a Screen work. So you know all this stuff is 100% on point. 😉

Price points for the bearings are;
Pesto - £20
Gran Turismo - £30
Pro models  - £45

All the pro models (Nak, Elijah, K-Walks) feature signature colourways, interchangeable shields and shield popper, custom wheel nuts and washers, stickers and come in a pretty sick tin. Cortina pride themselves on being engineered for performance and designed for luxury.

Shop and buy all Cortina Bearings at Cardiff Skateboard Club online today.

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