Spit and Sawdust – New Cardiff Skatepark

Pirate Man’s building a skatepark and it’s going to have a sick mini ramp, loads of massive flat banks, proper blocks and even curbs!...

Mike and Tommy at the Plaza

This clip is courtesy of Nik Douglas. Check the vintage East tee in the mix. Last worn in the East video? Tommy is getting...
Cardiff Bay Skate Comp

The 4th Annual Cardiff Bay Competition!

It’s back again. The day when scooter mums go mental because we didn’t post a notice on the Cardiff County Council website. the 4th...

Crayon Skateboards R.I.P.

Crayon is no more. Dykey has pulled the plug on the company that featured CSC’s Boxman on a graphic, took Steve King on tour,...

CSC is changing…

…it got boring. Old stuff here: https://cardiffskateboardclub.wordpress.com/
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Is The Huge Britain’s most slept on skater?

We think this proves he is.

CSC London ex-pat crew – check this out!

Conor, Hobson, Nick the Bastard, this means YOU. Get your Cardiff-tainted London asses to the amazing exhibition featuring CSC’s very own Phil Morgan and...
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The 2 Amigos

Tweek and the Huge have got eachothers backs! Big Money, Big Cars Big Bitches, Big Bra’s

Happy birthday Pritch – from CSC

Everyone involved with CSC is happy to see Pritch turn a logic-defying 40 years old! Known for burning the candle at both ends, and...
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The Big Bad BCN

With boozing it up and trying to dodge dick grabbing prostitutes we managed to get an edit filmed that turned out reasonably well after...