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About Cardiff skateboard club

Cardiff skateboard club is the city’s premier skateboarding institution and one of the most highly regarded skateboard clubs in the world. Formed to raise the profile of skateboarding in the Welsh capital, it now stands as a shining example of the dignified heights to which skateboarding, and skateboarders, can aspire.

Cardiff Skateboard Club Rules FAQs

Q. Can anyone join Cardiff skateboard Club?
A. No. Only skateboarders.

Q. But I’m not a skateboarder and I really want to join…what can I do?
A. Learn to skateboard. Or learn to drink and carry a skateboard.

Q. I’m already a member, but I want to be more than a member. How can I be an officer?
A. Submit your proposal to the board. The board will consider whether or not you are entitled to an official position. Remember to clearly state your personal suitability for the post you are proposing.

Q. Does it cost anything to join CSC?
A. No, CSC is totally free, thanks to funding from the Cambridge Mongolian Development Appeal where CSC is deliberately, but erroneously, registered as an eco-tourism provider.

4 thoughts on “CSC starts here

  1. […] Even now there are no formal meets as a club as such – they just “skateboard regularly.” But anyone can join and come along (as long as you have a skateboard, though). According to James, “there’s no official membership routine, just join the Facebook group or turn up at an event. If you join in with the fun, you’re in the club.” […]

  2. Hello. I own a longboard and while I can kind of move along on it I am need of lessons!! Do you know of anyone who can give me longboard cruising lessons? Right now I can stop which isn’t a good thing! (Not skateboard tricks) Thanks in advance

  3. i really want to join but the problem is i only know how to ride and ollie but in willing to learn im a daring kinda guy i would try anything i live in cardiff so yanoe im the guy ✌️

  4. Hi
    I live in wales and am helping develop a new lubricant
    for skate boards.
    I am trying to find out what percentage of bearings on skate boards
    are constructed in such a way that they can be” re-greased” from time to time and what percentage are “sealed ” thereby not allowing
    “maintenance re–greasing ” ?

    By the way the lubricant being developed will withstand
    120,000 Ibs/square inch impact force therefore making it ideal
    for skateboarders

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