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Vision Street Wear 'Vision' Button-up Shirt (Grey) VINTAGE 80s

Vision Street Wear 'Vision' Button-up Shirt (Grey) VINTAGE 80s

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Did you ever wanna channel your inner 80s vert pro? Maybe a little too late for an ill-advised Halloween costume cos-playing the guy who put the Psycho in Psycho Skate, but there's never a bad time to pick up a stone cold 80s skateboard clothing CLASSIC like this Vision Streetwear logo shirt.

This size L grey shirt still looks sick today. It is in perfect condition, a great size, amazing colourway and features a big bold print and two patch logos. Killer threads brah!

As with all our vintage stock there are no returns on these products, please check the photos and if you need more pics or want to see any details hit us up! We can send photos or a video with more info.

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