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Santa Cruz 'Cellblock' T-Shirt (Rust) VINTAGE 90s size XL

Santa Cruz 'Cellblock' T-Shirt (Rust) VINTAGE 90s size XL

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Cellblocks were a must-have skateboard accessory in the 80s but by the 90s they had progressed to a range of plastic accesories with a focus on rails. This tee was released to promote Cellblock rails and it's a totally sick and rare design that captures that early 90s era perfectly.

Overall very good condition with a bit of fading from storage as can be seen in the pics. This tee is a really nice colour and the print is in perfect condition. As with most of our vintage clothing it is in a realy wearable size XL coming from a stash of rider owned gear, it's not in kiddie sizes!

As with all our vintage stock there are no returns on these products, please check the photos and if you need more pics or want to see any details hit us up! We can send photos or a video with more info.

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