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The Heated Wheel

Heated Wheel 'Polarizer' 6" Cruiser Deck

Heated Wheel 'Polarizer' 6" Cruiser Deck

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Polarizer by name, polarizing by nature...this deck is way outside the norms of skateboarding just like its iconoclastic creator Neil Blender. This deck comes with no graphics, no truck holes, and no rules on how you use it. Recommended to be set up with roller-skate trucks, you can substitute classic 70s skateboard trucks instead. Try pairing it with some of our soft cruiser wheels for the ultimate flow-state vehicle.

  • 6" Wide shaped deck
  • 27.5" Length
  • Polarizer shape
  • Formica top and bottom layers
  • Convexed top layer
  • Top graphic
  • Designed to skated with roller skate trucks, but drill your own holes where you want them

Comes with free Mob griptape. Please let us know in the order comments if you would like us to apply the grip for you. We'll assume you don't want it gripped if you leave the comments blank.

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