CSC 'Pirate Man' 8.375

CSC 'Pirate Man' 8.375" Deck


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Turning Pirate Man pro was something that just had to be done. He's been holding it down for Cardiff ever since he sailed here from Pirate Island. The mastermind creator of Labyrinth, First Blood, Join Us, and Now! That's What I Call Skateboarding. Christian even managed to one up himself by opening Spit & Sawdust; the best park ever built. Raise you rum goblets in the air for Pirate Man, this one's for you mate.

  • 8.375" Wide deck
  • Christian 'Pirate Man' Hart pro model deck
  • High concave
  • Artwork by Lloyd Houston
  • Top graphic by Nathaniel Jones
Comes with free Mob griptape. Please let us know in the order comments if you would like us to apply the grip for you.