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Cortina 'Elijah Berle Signature' Bearings

Cortina 'Elijah Berle Signature' Bearings

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The all new bearing company that you definitely want, and all the graphics are done by CSC head designer Nathaniel Jones. The signature series bearings are built with premium materials and engineered to withstand daily, heavy use. Each pro model set features a stand-out colourway picked by the rider, interchangeable shields and a custom shield popper!

  • Pack of 8 high performance bearings
  • Elijah Berle signature bearings
  • Matching custom axle nuts and washers
  • Interchangeable shields
  • Shield popper for easy customization
  • Premium polished precision raceway and balls
  • Removable frictionless rubber shields
  • Lightweight durable custom cage
  • Case can also be used as the perfect baccy tin, or if you're classy; cigars
  • Free stickers

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