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Closer Magazine (Volume #2)

Closer Magazine (Volume #2)

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Closer mag is the all new quarterly mag brought to you by former Transworld editor Jaime Owens. Featuring unseen photos from way back in 86 all the way to 2022. Writing from Eric 'Chrome Ball' Swisher, Farran Golding, Ted Barrow and more, with photography from Anthony Acosta, Mike Blabac, J. Grant Brittain, Ben Colen, Jake Darwin, Glen E. Friedman, Mike Heikkila, Spike Jonze, Reece Leung, Jonathan Mering, Matt Price, Dave Swift and Tobin Yelland just to name a few, you know this is something you're gonna wanna have in your collection.

  • Volume #2
  • Chico Brene - Chrome Ball Interview
  • Kevin 'Spanky' Long Art Profile
  • James Hardy Interview
  • Darren Harper
  • Lance Mountain
  • Mark Gonzales

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