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Skateboard Wheels

The wheel; possibly one of the most significant inventions in the history of the human race, having played a crucial role in facilitating the development and expansion of transportation and industry, this humble shape has since gone on to enable people of all shapes and sizes to push around on planks of wood and attempt radical stunts. 

Available in a range of sizes, shapes, and hardnesses (is that a word?), there's a wheel to suit every set-up: whether you're looking for a top of the range stunt-plank with ultra-tech wheels to help you slide and grind, or you're after a one-push-and-you're-done pub cruiser with marshmallow wheels that can hold their own on a dirt track; we've got something for everyone.

We stock wheels from a wide variety of brands, from long-time legends like Spitfire, OJ and Bones, to newer contenders like Dial-Tone or Orbs. We've even got a range of soft wheels, such as Ricta Clouds or D-Street cruiser wheels if speed is what you're looking for.

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